EZ Eyes Keyboard

EZEyesKeyboard_06With the popularity of the internet, millions of households have a desktop computer in their homes. The popularity of using the world wide web has allowed people to do many things from the comfort of their own home, including paying bills, shopping and even working or going to school. While a computer is a great invention that can make life easier, sometimes it may be difficult to see the keys on the keyboard.


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Most keyboards have tiny numbers and letters that a person has to strain to see. This results in errors when typing, even for those with the best vision. For those who struggle to see the keys when they type on their computers, the EZ Eyes keyboard makes typing a breeze without putting strain on the eyes.


What Is the EZ Eyes Keyboard? 

The EZ Eyes keyboard is different from traditional computer keyboards. Instead of tiny letters with little contrast, EZ Eyes features large print letters, numbers and symbols that are easy for anyone to see, even those with less than perfect vision. The bright yellow background with large print black letters adds contrast to make it easier than ever to see what key is being struck. This not only lessens eye strain, but also cuts down on the amount of errors that a person makes when typing. In the dark, the ergonomically designed keys are still functional by glowing in the dark. This allows a person to continue to work or play while on the computer in a dimly lit room or to prevent disturbing others in the room who may be sleeping. It is great for children learning to type and can even be used with a laptop. 


Not only does the EZ Eyes keyboard help a person see what they are typing, but due to the design of the keyboard, liquid can be spilled on the keyboard without ruining it. Typical keyboards will need to have their keys replaced if water, soda or other liquids are spilled, but not with the EZ Eyes keyboard. When a spill occurs, the liquid rolls right off the keys, so there is no need for a replacement keyboard or having to replace individual keys when using EZ Eyes.


How EZ Eyes Works

Many computer keyboards may require installing software before the keyboard is able to be used. This can often be time consuming, as well as frustrating for those who want to use their computers again. With EZ Eyes, the keyboard is plug and play. This simply means that the keyboard is ready as soon as it is plugged into the computer. It can even be used with a laptop computer, which are known for their small and difficult to see keys, just by plugging it in through the USB port. The keyboard is compatible with all models of computers so it works perfectly, no matter what kind of computer it is. It is so simple to set up and use EZ Eyes that anyone can do it!